Handsome boy at Sky Kids Dental, serene smile, knows he's getting important preventive dental care.

Pediatric Dentistry: Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative!

New things are so much fun! (Except, you know, when they aren’t.)

Some people thrive on trying new adventures, while others are a bit more reserved. And we understand both sides because we’ve been there.

Your first attempt at riding without training wheels? Skinned knees and a banged-up bike.

The first day of school? (Kindergarten, high school, AND college) Exciting, but a little scary.

Asking someone out for the first time? Definitely scary!

Come to think of it, the best ‘firsts’ are those where the experience is new-ish. Where you feel comfortable enough in your surroundings to try something you haven’t before without stressing out. It’s like learning to swim in the shallow end of the pool with a trusted instructor and a floaty nearby — rather than being tossed into the deep end.

That’s why at Sky Dental Kids, we’ve decided to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative in pediatric dentistry.

Sky Dental Kids: A New-ish Pediatric Dental Office

At Sky Dental Kids, we think we have the perfect situation for children visiting the dentist for the first time. (and the second, third, and four-ever time too!)

Our new pediatric dental practice is right next door to our practice for adults, which means that a great many of our little patients have already visited with their parents in the past or will visit with them in the future. They’ve met our staff, seen the building, and walked through our hallways. All the monsters and ogres they have imagined never materialized. In fact, our staff members greeted them with smiles and understanding. Whew! It turns out that Sky Dental is actually a pretty great place.

As adults, it’s easy to forget that going to the dentist, or any doctor, can be scary for kids. And familiarity goes a long way toward checking all the boxes to make a child feel safe when experiencing something for the first time.

  • Mom and Dad’s dentist is right next door. (That feels safe and familiar)
  • I’ve met the staff/doctors, and they were really nice to me. (Safe, familiar)
  • The Sky Dental Kids office feels fun, is full of color, and has lots of things to interest children and even some adults – we have a retro Pac-Man game! (Safe, familiar, and fun)

Pack  Man Game at the sky dental office

We even encourage you to bring your child by when they don’t have an appointment. Have them experience our office a few times as a completely positive place before they ever sit in ‘the chair.’ They’ll be much more likely to look forward to their first appointment with us if they’ve already checked us out.

We Grow With Your Children

Once your child becomes comfortable with us, we quickly pull the rug out from under them and send them to another office!

Just kidding. That would be awful.

But sadly, that’s what happens with many pediatric dental offices that don’t offer all of the services we do.

What We Offer All Under One Roof:

Best of all? When your child becomes an adult, they can choose to stay with Sky Dental by taking a few steps and going to our office right next door.

Many members of the Sky Dental staff had negative experiences at their childhood dentist offices, which is one of the reasons we’ve put so much thought into our new office for kids. Your child can grow up loving to go to the dentist and taking care of their oral health can be a genuinely positive experience.

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