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Pediatric Dental Exams & Cleanings

Sky Dental Kids makes your kid’s dental checkups and cleanings fun. We see fun as a genuinely important part of the pediatric dentistry we offer in NYC. If children can enjoy their regular exams and cleanings, then that sets them up for a lifetime of excellent oral health. Cleanings and exams prevent cavities for kids and keep their teeth looking great too. 

Your Child’s First Dental Cleaning and Exam

Cleanings and exams will be the centerpiece of your child’s oral health. We start when they’re itty-bitty by just getting them acquainted and comfortable, establishing our office as a familiar and fun place. Dental cleanings for babies and toddlers are quick, and we’re very responsive to their comfort level. At this age, we just want to get a look, make sure new teeth are emerging as they should, and get kiddos accustomed to visiting the dentist.

How Often Should Your Child See the Dentist?

Children are recommended to see the dentist once every six months, though your dentist may recommend something different for certain circumstances. Regular visits that include a cleaning, exam, x-rays, and a chat about oral hygiene are all part of what we call preventative care. That’s because they help your child prevent cavities and other dental problems. 

Pediatric Cleanings and Exams in NYC

As a pediatric dentist in NYC, we do pediatric cleanings and exams every day. But we treat every kid as the individual they are. We go to great lengths to make sure children and their parents are comfortable for checkups and cleanings. Naturally, lots of parents want to know what happens during a pediatric dental exam and cleaning. For more details about a typical pediatric dental visit, check out our fun online field trip. But here are some basics:

  • We’ll check your child in at the front desk when you arrive. Our front desk staff are great with children and will engage your youngster in conversation so they know this is their time. We’re here for them!
  • You’ll sit in the lounge for a few minutes before we call you back to the exam room, but not for long. We like to keep wait times to a minimum! Your child can try their hand at the GenX-era vintage Pac-Man machine while they wait.
  • When patients come to the exam room, parents come along with them. Your child’s oral health is a team effort, and caregivers are MVPs.
  • We’ll capture any images we need, using a digital x-ray machine for minimal radiation and a super easy experience. 
  • Next, we’ll clean your child’s teeth using a toothpaste flavor of their choice. The most popular is chocolate, but we also offer bubble gum and mint!
  • The dentist will come in and chat with you and your kiddo to help them feel comfortable and catch up. Next, they’ll have a look at your child’s teeth, gums, jaw, and overall oral development. Did we mention the staff does a great job of keeping all this fun?!
  • After the exam, we’ll discuss stage-appropriate hygiene tips and tricks along with any concerns the dentist may have. The dentist will also give parents or caregivers an idea of what to expect and look out for in the coming months.
  • Your child chooses a toy from our awesome treasure chest. It’s not just temporary tattoos and bouncy balls–they’ll find some good stuff in there!
  • Finally, you’ll check out and make your kiddo’s next appointment. Thanks for coming!

All along the way, we’ll explain everything that is happening in straightforward, easy-to-understand language, to make certain that your child never feels overwhelmed or anxious.

Schedule a Pediatric Cleaning and Exam in NYC Today!

Regular dental checkups are important to monitor your child’s oral health and to ensure proper, problem-free development. We’re here to make the checkup experience fun and easy for your child and you! To schedule a pediatric cleaning and exam, book your appointment at Sky Dental Kids today!

Creating healthy, life-long dental habits to help your child put their best smile forward!