Digital X-rays

We want to be the best pediatric dentist in NYC, and we want your child to enjoy coming to see us. That’s right—not just tolerate it, but enjoy it! We work hard to emphasize the positive and keep it fun here at Sky Dental Kids. Digital x-rays are a big part of that positive dental experience for our patients in Lower Manhattan.

Something we probably all remember from our own pediatric dentist visits as kids is the cardboard bitewings poking our palate as we followed orders and bit down on them? And, though you might not have been aware of it, the dangers of exposure to radiation probably made your parents nervous. Well, there will be none of that at Sky Dental Kids.

We use state-of-the-art digital imaging to see inside our patients’ mouths, which means minimal radiation and a totally pleasant experience. X-rays at our office are a non-event. Get checked in, pop into the x-ray room, stand still for a quick moment, and get on with your visit. Our x-ray room is brightly lit and open (no door).

Three Advantages of Digital X-rays Over Film X-rays

For us as pediatric dental professionals, the benefits of digital x-rays cannot be understated. We could go on all day! But, we’ll keep it brief. How does it make you and your kid’s experience better?

  • Digital x-rays are safer. Digital x-rays deliver 90% less radiation than film x-rays.
  • Digital x-rays are more accurate. The images are clearer and easier for the dentist to see from different angles. This improves quality of care, because we can better see what’s going on in your child’s mouth.
  • Digital x-rays are more comfortable. A completely tolerable 60 seconds or so of standing still in a bright, open room. Parents and dental professionals are right there instead of in another room. And no bitewings!

What a different experience. We couldn’t be more pleased that we never, ever have to ask our patients to stuff cardboard in their mouths. In addition to all that, digital x-rays are better for the environment. No chemicals or paper means less waste.

Do Most Pediatric Dentists Use Digital X-rays?

A lot of us do, but certainly not all! This is one of many reasons Sky Dental Kids is the best pediatric dentist in NYC—a more pleasant x-ray experience for kids means we can keep it positive and fun. Book your appointment today and begin enjoying trips to the pediatric dentist!

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