Take a Field Trip to Sky Dental Kids

Sky Dental Kids is a modern, kid-friendly pediatric dental practice located in NYC’s Financial District. Founded in the same spirit of excellent, personalized care that drives Sky Dental, Sky Dental Kids emphasizes giving kids a positive experience at the dentist’s office. Our goal is to make dental visits something fun that your child looks forward to, so that they maintain healthy dental habits into adulthood. Your child deserves the best pediatric dentist in NYC. What’s it like here at Sky Dental Kids? Let us take you on a quick field trip around our practice!


Where in the World is Sky Dental Kids?

Located in the heart of the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, we’re convenient to Brooklyn and Jersey City. And we’re right next door to our adult practice Sky Dental, of course, inside the FiDi’s gorgeous, historic Trinity Building.

Enter the building on the Broadway side and come on up in the elevator. Here you’ll find NYC’s best pediatric dental practice.


Who is Sky Dental Kids?

Come on in and meet the team! We are Dr. Jackie and Dr. Scott, top-tier board-certified pediatric dentists dedicated to empowering kids to take great care of their smiles. And fun. We believe fun is an essential part of excellent pediatric dental care. We also work with an incredible staff who gets kids. One visit and you’ll see what we mean. We collaborate with our patients and their parents to create tailored and best-quality care.

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Why Choose Sky Dental Kids?

Parents trust Sky Dental Kids as the number one rated pediatric dental practice in Lower Manhattan because:

  • Sky Dental Kids offers world-class pediatric dentistry in a bright, clean, modern, and fun practice.
  • We use all the latest tech to make your child’s visit a breeze: iTero scanner instead of goopy impressions, digital imaging instead of bitewings and film x-rays, and more.
  • Netflix on TVs above treatment chairs and headphones so kiddos can hear their favorite show instead of dentist sounds.
  • A staff that’s genuinely interested in connecting with your child. We treat our patients with respect and seek to empower them through inclusion. Pediatric dental care is a team sport, and your child is the MVP!
  • Our show, tell, do approach. We show you and your child imaging, examples, and tools; explain what they are and how they’re used; and then do the treatment once everyone understands and is comfortable.
  • A vintage arcade Pac-Man game and treasure chest to bookend kids’ visits with extra fun!

Creating healthy, life-long dental habits to help your child put their best smile forward!