At Sky Dental Kids, we love prevention. Our goal is to prevent cavities in kids and help them avoid cavities altogether. But! Cavities do happen. For kind, compassionate, gentle pediatric fillings in NYC, look no further than Sky Dental Kids. We’re the best pediatric dentist in NYC in part because we empower children with respect and information.

Fillings for kids do not have to be a bad experience, and everyone in our Lower Manhattan pediatric dental practice is committed to making it pleasant for them.

To help children offset any anxiety or fear they may feel about fillings, we offer the following amenities:

  • TVs above treatment chairs where kids can watch their favorite shows on Netflix
  • Headphones so they can hear their favorite shows and not dentist sounds
  • Local anesthesia, of course
  • Nitrous oxide for safe conscious sedation
  • Kind, silly-when-appropriate staff and docs
Sky dental kids having fun

Do Children’s Cavities Need to Be Filled?

Is it really necessary to treat cavities in baby teeth, since they’re going to fall out sooner or later? Yes. Ignoring issues with primary, or baby, teeth can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria and stand in the way of optimal oral hygiene. It can even damage emerging permanent teeth. Luckily, treating cavities in baby teeth is a quicker, easier, and less painful experience than addressing adult tooth decay. 

How to Prepare Your Child for a Cavity Filling

Naturally, your child may feel some anxiety or uncertainty about getting a filling, especially if it’s their first one. We have many ways to support them (and you) through this, and there are some things you can do at home too. 

  • Tell them what’s going to happen. First, we just want to acknowledge that you know your child best. You know how much detail to share, what kind of language they respond to best, and whether to keep it serious or funny or sweet. See below for a step-by-step breakdown of the procedure. You might also consider a children’s book about it if you think it will help. (Pro tip: If it’s last-minute, and you don’t have time to order the book, you can probably find it read aloud on YouTube.)
  • Be calm yourself. We’re sure you know this one by now, but reminders never hurt! Children pick up on their parents’ energy, so if you feel calm about their upcoming dental work, they’re more likely to feel calm as well.
  • Share your own experience. If you’ve had a filling, tell them about it. Let them know it’s a pretty regular part of life. 
  • Validate their feelings. Let them know it’s okay to feel scared, give space to their feelings. Remind them that you’ll be there and that fear is part of bravery.

How Do Pediatric Dentists Fill Cavities

The procedure for filling cavities in kids is basically the same as for adults. If your child is one who benefits from knowing the details beforehand, you can share this with them to help prepare them.

  • We’ll have them sit in the treatment chair and give them the option to turn on a favorite show or movie.
  • The dental assistant will apply a numbing gel, and we’ll chat your kiddo up. We want them to feel relaxed and confident!
  • The dentist will give your child a shot of local anesthetic. They’ll feel a pinch, but it’s not too bad thanks to the numbing gel. 
  • If your child opted to watch a show while we perform their filling, we’ll offer them headphones at this point.
  • Once the area is completely numb, the dentist will drill the tooth to remove the cavity and disinfect the tooth.
  • The dentist will now place the tooth-colored filling material into the tooth and cure it with a light. 
  • The last thing the dentist needs to do is shape the filling so it feels and acts just like their natural tooth. And they’re done!

Once the anesthesia wears off, your child is free to eat whatever they like. (Before the anesthesia wears off, it’s very easy to accidentally bite your tongue!) They shouldn’t have any soreness other than a tiny bit of gum inflammation if the dentist was working near the gum line.

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