Preventative Care

Sky Dental Kids is here for children’s preventative care and all other pediatric dentistry in NYC. Convenient to Jersey City and Brooklyn, Sky Dental wants to help you and your family take great care of your teeth for decades to come. Sky Dental Kids is the best pediatric dentist in NYC for lots of reasons:

  • Fun, upbeat staff
  • Colorful office with games, toys, and books
  • Awesome board-certified pediatric dentists (who know how to be silly)
  • Treasure chest of prizes for kiddos
  • Our ability to connect with children to help them feel valued and empowered
  • TVs on the ceiling above treatment chairs
  • Our “show, tell, do” approach (see more below)

We’re passionate about making dentist visits fun for kids, because we know a secret: When young patients have positive experiences at the dentist’s office, they are much less likely to develop fear or apprehension around dental health as they get older. 

We also work hard to make your child’s dentist visit their time. We’ve noticed—and you probably have too—kiddos are so much happier when they feel empowered. So, we address them directly and respectfully. We often take a show, tell, do approach. That means showing your child an image or 3D model as a visual aid, while also explaining the steps involved in the process. Only when the patient and their parents are comfortable and ready to continue, will the dentist “do” by beginning treatment.

Preventative Dental Care in NYC

At Sky Dental Kids, we partner with parents to kickstart a lifelong habit of good oral hygiene for children, which begins with gentle, proactive, preventative care. Our preventative care includes:

  • Of course, regular cleanings and exams
  • X-rays and other imaging as needed
  • Demonstrations of how to brush and floss
  • Getting kids comfortable with dentist visits
  • Discussing parents’ roles in at-home care
  • Preparing kids to take over their oral care from parents

Regular dentist visits with our top pediatric dentists in NYC + parents’ informed support + teaching good habits at home gives kiddos their best chance at great lifelong dental health. Kids’ oral care is a team game, and you can think of us as their coaches and cheerleaders!

Pediatric Dentistry in NYC

We strongly emphasize prevention. That’s the heart and soul of our outreach efforts and part of what we think makes us the best pediatric dentist in NYC.

But. But! Cavities occur. Children collide with floors, or one another. Teeth crowd. Life happens! For that, there is all the rest of pediatric dentistry. We’re also here to offer fillings for kids in NYC, along with emergency care, mouthguards and more. Pediatric dentistry services at Sky Dental Kids include:

The good news is that if your child should need any of the above treatments, they’ll already be comfortable here. Our goal for every single patient is for them to look forward to coming to the dentist. Yes, even when they need a filling or have an emergency!

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Creating healthy, life-long dental habits to help your child put their best smile forward!