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Oral Care Outreach from a Top NYC Pediatric Dentist and Friends

Another reason why Sky Dental Kids is the best pediatric dentist in NYC: outreach! The delightful, fun-loving Dr. Kamenitz and our intrepid marketing director Mark Garrett recently visited a few preschool classes to bring them the oral-health “good word.” Early education and dental hygiene practices help children develop great habits that can last into adulthood.

To make tooth care fun for 3-5 year olds, Dr. K. and Mark brought along a friend in Sugarbug Doug. Sugarbug Doug is a book about a cavity-causing bacterium who, along with his friends, wants nothing more than to take up residence between, and in the grooves of, our teeth. He loves sweets, loathes vegetables, and dreads sugar-free gum and toothbrushes.

Using this fun, dentist-created picture book, Dr. Kamenitz taught the preschoolers how to take great care of their mouths and keep dental caries at bay. Dr. K. is a top pediatric dentist in NYC, but before that, he traveled to Nepal and worked with children to improve their oral health. As part of an NYU College of Dentistry outreach program, his job was to make it fun for the kids to brush and floss. That trip inspired Dr. K. to apply some of the same magic back home in his own community.

All of the preschoolers in the four classes that Mark and Dr. K. visited got to go home with a dental goody bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a timer. Chompy, our resident toothy gator puppet made a special appearance too, regaling his tiny audience with tales of healthy teeth.

A fun time was had by all, and Chompy took an extra-long nap that afternoon. Some of the gems that Dr. K. and his entourage shared with the kiddos (and which you can share with your kiddos) included:

  • Eat a tooth-healthy diet: Sugarbug Doug and his crew run when they see veggies!
  • Avoid sweets: Okay, everybody likes a little sweet treat once in a while, but if you can brush right away, your teeth will thank you.
  • Cheese! Ooh, cheese? Yes, dairy can help protect teeth from sugar.
  • Brush twice a day: Two brushings a day stops bacteria before they can multiply.
  • Remember to brush the back of your teeth: It’s easy to forget the back side of the teeth, but Sugarbugs love the places you can’t see!
  • Floss once a day: Doug and his buddies hide between your teeth when you brush, so flossing is important too.
  • Chew sugar-free gum: Gum with sugar can contribute to cavities, while sugar-free gum can actually help prevent them!

And so, maybe Dr. K. and his Fang Fest will visit your school next, but you can always catch him at the best pediatric dentist in NYC, Sky Kids—located in the FiDi but super convenient to Brooklyn. Book an appointment today to see what a fun outing a dentist visit can be!

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