Dr. Jacquie and Dr. K. joyfully dance with giant toothbrush prop

End Your Search: Fun, Top-of-the-Line, Convenient “Pediatric Dentist Near Me” 

If you’re in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Gold Coast, and you’ve Googled “pediatric dentist near me,” you can end your search now! Sky Dental Kids is a new pediatric dental practice in NYC’s FiDi. We’re here to give your kiddo(s) and you such a great dental experience, you’ll never want to look for another dentist again.

Opening a pediatric practice was a natural next step for Dr. Wonnie Rhieu, who established Sky Dental in 2017. Building on Sky’s success and noticing that many of her patients asked for pediatric dentist recommendations, Dr. Rhieu took the leap to offer one-stop dentistry to her patients’ families. The two practices are right next door to one another, offering super-duper convenience.

The Sky Dental Kids Experience

What is it like at Sky Dental Kids? In short, the Sky Dental Kids office is colorful, clean, friendly, and fun. We’ve gone out of our way to create an environment that feels positive and safe for children. As former kids ourselves, many of us know what a bad dental experience can be like for a kid. We strive to spare your child ever having that experience!

For starters, we’ll always welcome you and your littles with kindness. No exclusive grown-up conversations or curt greetings—your child will always feel acknowledged and empowered. We address our patients directly, show them any tool we’re going to use in their exam or treatment, and explain what we’re going to do. Show, tell, do. No unpleasant surprises.

We send each patient home with a fun goodie bag; plus, parents and kiddos alike can play on our super-cool retro arcade Pac-Man machine. Kids can look forward to chance encounters with Sugarbug Doug and our alligator mascot, Chompy! And, most importantly, our staff and docs are sweet, fun, and compassionate.

More Than a Fun Experience

Sky Dental Kids is a fun dental practice, we make sure of that. But we’re also a top-tier dentistry. Like Sky Dental, Sky’s pediatric practice employs top dentists, highly trained staff, and leading-edge technology to provide the very best and latest in dental care. Sky’s spa-like atmosphere (but more playful) carries over to the Sky Dental Kids treatment suites too, because we want all of our patients to feel at ease, from the grownest-uppest to the tiniest.

Central and Convenient

We’re centrally located in the heart of the Financial District, convenient to Jersey City, all of Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Furthermore, imagine your dentist and your children’s dentist being in the same building, right next door to one another. You can book your appointments back-to-back, or even at the same time! The whole family goes to the dentist: one event, one location.

The Last “Pediatric Dentist Near Me” You’ll Ever Google

Patients first is the founding principle of our practice. We’re impeccably professional, and we treat our patients like family. Our passion for dentistry and patients’ best outcomes guides every business decision we make. Try us out, and you’ll never have to search for “pediatric dentist near me” again…unless you move!

Redefining the Modern Dental Experience in NYC